Optimize Whatsapp Business for Marketing and Sales

Leverage Whatsapp Marketing to engage with potential leads and execute targeted advertising campaigns.

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    Automate Marketing with WhatsApp

    Deploy programmable bots to engage with your customers, interact with them, and facilitate sales autonomously!

    Lead Nurturing

    • Distribute product catalogs, promote newly released items, and exhibit your online WhatsApp store.
    • Deliver timely updates to minimize customer no-shows, negative feedback, and boost repeat purchases.
    • Customize offers, messages, products, and schedule campaigns to cater to your most esteemed customers.
    • Target a million individuals daily, consistently adding new customers to your business.

    Initiate Your Sales System

    • Disseminate promotions and deals, reaching out to a million users daily via our chatbot API.
    • Introduce offers, alert customers about price reductions and alterations in products, and notify them of any new developments in your business.
    • Retrieve outstanding payments, re-engage inactive leads, and decrease abandoned cart orders.
    • Tailor sales approaches according to customer preferences.

    A Unified API for All Needs

    • Utilize a Shared Team Inbox to foster collaboration, lighten workload, and empower your agents to concentrate on impactful business activities.
    • Transfer Conversations to Agents as required.
    • Minimize query resolution time through chatbot automation, approaching near-zero resolution times.
    • Evaluate and Supervise agent performance for Training and Development purposes.

    Establish an Immediate Access Support System

    • Provide your customers with seamless two-way communication.
    • Use chatbots to deflect inquiries, thereby reducing the workload of your agents.
    • Provide timely updates regarding the status of support tickets, appointments, or orders.
    • Prioritize support issues by identifying your most valuable customers and assign messages to the most suitable agent.

    Foster Future Purchases

    • Provide top-notch support and service to cultivate future expansion.
    • Enhance the likelihood of both new and repeat purchases by ensuring customer satisfaction.
    • Prevent customer loss due to inadequate post-purchase service.
    • Collect feedback and record customer experiences for agent training, leading to improved resolutions.

    Integrate & Expand with a Unified API

    • Link your internal tools and integrate them with your CRM, Slack, or Shopify store using the Chatbot API.
    • Effortlessly expand to handle more inquiries or accommodate more users without raising staffing expenses.
    • Develop your in-house system using the Telebu Social API while retaining control of your backend systems.

    Key Highlights!

    Code-Free DIY Chatbot Constructor

    Develop numerous chatbots to address key support areas and simultaneously engage potential leads until conversion.

    Scalable yet Personalized

    Utilize Open Chatbot APIs to scale and send over 100,000 messages at once while seamlessly integrating with your existing system.

    CRM for Your WhatsApp Audience

    Deploy targeted surveys following purchases or support interactions to obtain real-time insights for continuous improvement.

    Multichannel Marketing

    Effortlessly manage interactions across WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Messenger from a single, user-friendly dashboard

    Smooth Agent Handover

    Effortlessly direct customer communication based on keywords in your chatbot sequences and transfer to live agents when necessary, even from your mobile device (iOS/Android).

    Comprehensive Analytics

    Delve into customer interactions, conversation outcomes, and chatbot performance moments after sending messages, gaining valuable insights to enhance your customer communication strategies.