Manage secure login send promotions and stay connected to your customers with Bulk SMS service

Initiate and receive text messages to establish meaningful customer engagement. Seamlessly integrate a reliable SMS solution into your web and mobile applications with the powerful messaging platform offered by 100K Company.

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    Exceptional Customer Experience

    SMS Marketing boasts an impressive 98% open rate, aiding in bolstering conversion rates, enhancing marketing ROI, and fostering enduring relationships with your clientele.

    Stimulate Expansion

    Studies indicate that customers are ten times more inclined to leave feedback upon receiving a Marketing SMS, potentially leading to a 400% annual business growth.

    Initiate Dialogue

    Participate in live discussions with your customers, soliciting feedback, addressing customer service inquiries, showcasing various products, and reminding them of exclusive offers.

    Cultivate Long-Term Connections

    Sending birthday and anniversary messages imparts a personalized and intimate touch, fostering a sense of appreciation from your customers, making them feel valued by you and your business.

    Leverage SMS to Expand Your Business

    Interact with and expand your customer network using SMS.

    Connect with your customers at critical junctures. Construct compelling marketing SMS campaigns to enhance your customer’s lifetime value.

    • Automated birthday greetings and seasonal wishes
    • Exclusive loyalty incentives and VIP notifications
    • Limitless contact lists and segmentation options
    • Activation through keywords
    • Prompt customers for feedback and reviews
    • Engage in direct conversations with our two-way messaging feature
    • Seamless integration with leading CRM platforms

    Key Highlights!

    Customized Sender ID

    Brand your SMS messages by utilizing alphanumeric Sender ID characters.

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Enhance the security of your applications with Transactional SMS API.

    Notifications & Alerts

    Leverage our Transactional SMS API to send reminders and notification alerts to individual or all of your customers.

    Bulk Promotional Messaging

    Utilize our user-friendly Web Panel to effortlessly send SMS to contacts listed in an Excel File – within minutes.

    Real-Time Reports

    Access comprehensive SMS Delivery Status updates via our API or benefit from analytical reports on our Web Panel.

    Scheduled Campaigns

    With our Promotional & Transactional SMS schedulers, you can arrange SMS to be sent in any Time Zone.

    Why Bulk SMS Service is Special?

    Competitive Pricing

    Our pricing plans are transparent and budget-friendly, designed to accommodate businesses and organizations of all sizes. We structure our rates meticulously to ensure optimal value for your investment while maintaining the excellence of our services.

    Swift Delivery

    Recognizing the significance of timely communication, 100K Company guarantees rapid delivery speeds for our SMS services. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and direct connections with operators worldwide, we ensure that your messages are dispatched and received promptly, with minimal delays or interruptions.

    Message Excellence

    Our team of professionals collaborates closely with you to craft messages tailored to your specific requirements and objectives. Additionally, we offer customizable templates and features that enable you to personalize your messages, enhancing their appeal and effectiveness.